IT Services provided by In House Advantage


Technical difficulties are frustrating and time consuming.

Let In House Advantage take the stress out of PC use and provide you with the solutions you need .

Trouble Shooting and Repair

Is your computer having trouble starting up or shutting down? Does it seem to be running slower than usual?

In House Advantage will diagnose the problem quickly and have your computer back on track as soon as possible.


Problems running the latest software or games? Receiving warnings that your hard drive is running out of space?

Don’t scrap your system. You will be amazed at the new lease on life your computer can gain with added memory, a new graphics card or larger hard drive.

We will do a full analysis of your system and find the best upgrades to suit your needs. In House Advantage will install and provide full support.

 Software Installed

Have you been thinking about upgrading to the latest version of windows? Are you in need of assistance installing or updating software? Are you unsure of whether a particular program will run on your PC?

In House Advantage can advise whether or not your PC is suitable for a windows upgrade.

We can provide installation of software and locate any updates needed.

 Network and Internet Connection

Are you having difficulty connecting online? Are you planning to add a second computer to your internet connection? Have you purchased Cable or DSL and been left to sort your self out with a home installation kit?

In House Advantage will get you back online and provide you with the help you need to set up or expand your internet connection.

 Security and Online Protection

There are many powerful and dangerous online threats that can cause your computer to crash, destroy valuable files and invade your privacy. Don’t allow your information to be stolen.

In House Advantage can ensure your virus, spyware and firewall protection is up to date. We will even install free protection software if needed.

We run a range of scans, locating and removing any viruses and security threats leaving your PC secure and protected.

Lost Files Restored

Pressed delete when you meant to press cancel? Cd full of family photos refusing to display? Hard drives sounds like a blender?

We can recover data from most cd’s, hard drives and digital camera memory cards. Sometimes with hard drives it may need to be sent for repair with one of our authorized partners. We are a Kroll Ontrack data recovery certified partner

Understandable Support

Are you frustrated with “techie talk”? Are you in need of technical support that’s tailored to your needs? Do you want to make your PC use a more enjoyable and stress free experience?

Let In House Advantage provide you with technical support for your computer and non-technical support for you.