Workshop Rates

Work done at our workshop is charged at $45 per hour for pcs and $60 for laptops


Onsite visits

$60 per hour for repairs/installations for residential

$75 per hour for repairs/installations for businesses

$40 per hour for tuition


Emergency Hours and after hours Service

We do offer 24hr service. If needed between 10.00 pm and 7.00 am all rates are charged at time and a half 1.5T


Virus Spyware problems

For virus/spyware problems we recommend that you let us take the computer back to our workshop. We offer a flat rate of $149 for this which includes

Removing all spyware/virus problems
Physically cleaning inside the pc
Cleaning up junk files
Ensuring all microsoft patches are uptodate
Installing virus/spyware protection if needed. Cost of software charged seperately.
Home users may be eligble for free software


Remote Support

$5.00 connection fee then just 75 cents per minute